Katrice Jones

 Founder, Network Notions

 “I believe in pouring love and positivity into other people and I am excited to continue encouraging and motivating others while leaving a lasting positive impression in their life”
- Katrice Jones, Network Notions Founder

Katrice Jones was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio!  She has always had a passion for socializing. Katrice truly believes networking is HER superpower.  As an entrepreneur, she strongly believes in the power and the necessity of networking so she started Network Notions in 2014 with the mission to put the getting to know you back into networking.


Network Notions was created to help people understand the power in networking to grow and develop a small business.  Katrice feels that talking about businesses had been diminished by the need to make a sale and that most networking she was doing prior to starting Network Notions, was not beneficial to learning how to be an entrepreneur.

Katrice’s goal is to continue to give entrepreneurs and business owners a platform to connect, collaborate and grow in.  Her purpose is to help others reach goals and overcome obstacles to success while continuing to grow herself.  Katrice has worked in the Healthcare Field for more than 15 years while pursuing her own businesses. What is important to Katrice is her faith, family, friends and fellow entrepreneurs.


Network Notions has been in existence for 4 years.  I started Business Card Swap Nights after getting tired of attending networking events where selling your product or service was all that the attendees were concerned about.  There was a strong LACK of working to get to know each other.  Network is not about how many join your team or how much of your product you can sell. 


My goal was to put the GETTING TO KNOW YOU back into networking and that’s when I decided to step out and start my own Networking Organization that would focus on building relationships and creating collaborations while actually getting to know other business owners and entrepreneurs.