Networking is a SUPERPOWER!

Have you ever planned something out in your mind and then once you start to see the vision come true you almost can’t believe it and you sometimes question if you even deserve it? 5 years ago I acted on a dream and I started Network Notions. I truly never imagined that over the years I would connect with and inspire so many people. I am a firm believer that being true to yourself as well as to the people you meet is the foundation for building relationships. In high school, making friends seemed so easy and if you were lucky you would remain friends well after graduation day but as I became an adult I realized making friends wasn’t as easy because we had lost the most important piece which was to actually take the time to get to know each other. So many are looking to make connections but only for self filling reasons. In all relationships, we have to be ready to give as well as receive. Sometimes we have to do a relationship evaluation and if you discover you are pouring out and never being refilled you have to make a choice and decide if that is the type of relationship you want weather business or personal.

The last 5 years has taught me a lot about networking. Yes it is truly a SUPERPOWER that everyone does not posses but if you are one of the lucky ones you have this superpower running strong through your veins and you don't hesitate to share it with others. We all have different strengths and if networking isn't yours, here are 3 tips to always remember that can help you make networking your SUPERPOWER.

  1. Remember it's not all about you! Go into the networking opportunity with the intent to give instead of get. When you make others feel like the priority it says a lot about your character which in return helps to build the know, like and trust factor.

  2. Be honest with your intentions! The worst thing you can do is mislead a person. If your intent is to pitch them let them know that and give them the choice to decide if they are interested or not. People will respect you more if you are just honest. You may not like the outcome but your integrity should be the most important thing when you are taking the time to network and get to know other entrepreneurs and business owners. Everyone may not be interested in what you offer but sometimes those conversations can lead to referrals. Be honest and genuine at all times.

  3. Don't be afraid to be the stranger in the room! You can't grow in your same comfortable circle. You have to get out and meet new people in new areas in order to fully grow yourself as well as your business. Venture out attend new events meet new people and make new connections. If new surroundings make you nervous get a networking buddy and attend events together.

Go out and experience NETWORKING let it become your SUPERPOWER and watch how much you and your business will grow.

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2018 Network Notions Annual Gala
2018 Network Notions Annual Gala

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