"Network Notions is more than networking. It's a family within it. I live 45 minutes away from most events I think that is beneficial to my growth and Network Notions Business Card Night is one of them. In 2016, I walked into a Network Notions Event scared. I was surprised I went to an event by myself. I am not from Ohio, so I am still learning all of the ins and outs. Now, I can say I am not scared to stand up and shout out my passion. I am not scared to say hello to someone. The people that I met in this group helped me reach my full potential. Thank you Network Notions for the relationships I was able to gain from this group."."

Fijabi Gallam CEO - Julien & Friends Communication LLC.

"I can honestly say Network Notions is one of the best networking groups out there for entrepreneurs. Whether you are just beginning your business journey or are looking to expand, this group is for you. Network Notions provides motivation and strategies for success but more than that it cultivates relationships. These relationships range from becoming clients of one another, passing referrals, and at the very least lasting friendships. Being a part of this group has helped me to grow my business more than any other group I have been a part of and I am both happy and thankful it exists."

Jaz Herron, Primerica

“The entrepreneurs who attend Network Notions are great and everyone is so friendly! Katrice is a networking genius! Her creativity, entrepreneurial ways and positive energy is unlike anyone that I’ve ever known! Network Notions has been a great source of new friendships and business opportunity for me. I am blessed to have found this group!”

Shannon Ketvertes - President & Marketing Consultant, 216BranDrive

"Network Notions has been an awesome avenue for networking.  Although we had a business in the back of our mind, attending Network Notions in the beginning was an avenue for us to connect with other businesses and see what they had to offer.  We were able to receive new businesses to support and gain information to help focus, not only as individuals but as a business owner.  Network Notions is where we received a big push in moving forward.  The monthly meetings and the online group provide an opportunity for business owners to connect, learn and grow with one another. We are grateful for the vision of Network Notions and thankful small businesses have an avenue to #bedope together!"

Conrad & Nicole Huffman, Owners- Inspirations of Love

"I first started attending Network Notions events a few months after starting my business and I immediately felt welcome and inspired by the group. I’ve been attending regularly for about a year now and it’s been my best source of referrals and business so far. I always leave the events energized and ready to move forward with my business. Other events come and go but this one is always on my calendar."

Hedi Spangler - Backwards Bicycling

"Networking with Network Notions is so powerful and contagious.  When I returned back to the meetings I left every time feeling so empowered and so on fire and filled with passion for my business idea.  Listening to the speakers and meeting all of the business owners and those who are launching their businesses and those who are still tossing the thought around.  No meeting is ever the same and I learn something new every time and I meet someone who is just as on fire as I am. Thank you Network Notions for all of the inspiration and the knowledge that you've shared with all of us ... Katrice your vision has touched many....and there is more to come."


Chaunte' D. Owens, Business Owner

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